All Saint Nicole Pregnant With Oasis Baby

Pop singer Nicole Appleton, of U.K. girl group All Saints, is carrying Oasis' Liam Gallagher's baby. Appleton is reportedly two-months pregnant with what will be her first child.

"It's true, and it's absolutely great — hooray," Gallagher, 28, confirmed Saturday, according to The Associated Press. "Nicole is going to be a great mum, the best mum in the world. … We are really thrilled."

The news of the pregnancy first surfaced last week at the MTV Europe Awards, where All Saints — who recently scored a U.K. hit with "Black Coffee" — was one of the few British acts honored, landing the trophy for Best Pop artist. The other British award-winner was Appleton's former fiancé, singer Robbie Williams, who has an ongoing, well-publicized feud with Gallagher.

The Oasis singer began dating Appleton five months ago, shortly after his breakup with actress Patsy Kensit, to whom he'd been married for three years.

Gallagher has a son by Kensit, named Lennon, but he isn't considering McCartney as a possible choice for baby No. 2. According to reports in the British music press, the father-to-be prefers Montgomery Clift and Floyd (as in Pink …) for a boy or Farrah for a girl, while the budding mother is leaning toward Justice or Peace, regardless of gender.

Hmmm … "justice," "peace." Think the unwed Appleton is trying to send her beau a message?