Pitt Dubbed Sexiest Again

Having already been People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" in 1995, you'd think Brad Pitt would be out of the running. Nope. The hunky newlywed has won the magazine's title again — he's the first star to do double Sexiest Man duty. (Richard Gere, last year's designee, had previously been named half of a "Sexiest Couple" with ex-wife Cindy Crawford). Back in 1995, bachelor Brad graced the cover with his long, flowing locks (as seen in Interview With the Vampire and Legends of the Fall). Now, even marriage and non-Fabio hair hasn't dented the movie star's appeal. If anything, his high-profile, picture-perfect wedding to longtime girlfriend Jennifer Aniston only increased fans' ardor. After all, a million-dollar, beachside ceremony that ended with fireworks over the Pacific was straight out of a romance novel

For reasons we can't fathom, the 36-year-old actor continues to shirk his pin-up status by altering his good looks. He chipped a tooth for the brutal Fight Club (although we were too distracted by his fabulous physique to notice), and he's covered with fake tattoos for his next film, the gritty British caper Snatch. To prove he's a regular guy, Pitt's also talked about how he can let his hair down now that he's married, specifically, by being able to fart in bed. Nah, that probably did little to dissuade his adoring fans.

Pitt's appearing next in Ocean's Eleven, with former Sexiest Man Alive George Clooney, and has wrapped The Mexican.