Fiennes to Replace Departed Costner in Borders

Kevin Costner has become the fourth A-list actor to drop out of Oliver Stone's humanitarian drama Beyond Borders.

The hair-impaired star, who was to play a disaster relief doc, reportedly ditched his Borders scrubs because his other upcoming physician role (in the $75 million drama Dragonfly) will not finish in time for Costner to leap over to Stone's set in February or March.

The Hollywood Reporter says Oscar-nominated actor Ralph Fiennes is being considered to replace Costner.

Three other actors previously filled and vacated the female lead in Borders. Catherine Zeta-Jones had been attached to star as the doctor's philanthropist lover but dropped out when she learned she was pregnant. Julia Roberts' name was then mentioned as a possible replacement.

After that, negotiations between Stone and Meg Ryan sputtered. Angelina Jolie signed on to the part, though rumor had it the outspoken young actress was less than thrilled about filming love scenes with the much older, much more conservative Costner.

Costner will instead star as a heartbroken doctor in Dragonfly, a big-budget drama to be helmed by Patch Adams director Tom Shadyac.