Cher Begs Voters Not to Choose Bush

ByABC News
October 31, 2000, 7:45 PM

Nov. 1 -- She dislikes politics and says shes not a registered Democrat.

But Cher is so panic-stricken at the thought of Texas Gov. George W. Bush leading the free world that shes delayed the London recording sessions for the follow-up to Believe so she can do whatever possible to keep him out of office.

Has everyone lost their f---ing minds? Doesnt anybody remember the illustrious Reagan-Bush years when people had no money and no jobs? What has happened to peoples memories? Its like they have Alzheimers or something.

Shocking the ShockerThe ageless Oscar-Grammy winner was on the phone to Wall of Sound from her Malibu, Calif., home Friday to discuss her stark 1994 CD Not Commercial, which she is just now releasing independently on the Internet at

Though she wrote it six years ago, the issue-oriented Not Com would seem to fit her mood of the moment. She had much to say about this introspective album and why it sat on the shelf so long but she was intent on talking politics first.

I dont like Bush, she said of George W. I dont trust him. I dont like his record. Hes stupid. Hes lazy. Some woman said to me she was voting for him because she liked his dad, and I said, Good, because thats what youre getting. If somebodys claim to fame is that they signed a law so that you can carry a gun to church oh, give me a break.

That the polls are even close that theres even a question in voters minds between Bush and Vice President Al Gore has flabbergasted the usually unshockable superstar.

If youre black in this country, if youre a woman in this country, if you are any minority in this country at all, what could possibly possess you to vote Republican? If you think the president is an ass, fine after four years you can vote him out. But the Supreme Court thats 30 years! The Jerry Falwells of this world will be right in your back pocket. You wont have one f---ing right left.