Anne Heche's Mystery Man Revealed

ByABC News

Oct. 16, 2000 -- Ever since Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres publicly announced the breakup of their relationship in August, rumors have been flying fast and furious.

The primary rumor is that Heche, 31, left her 42-year-old partner of three years for a man. Various sources — among them the New York Daily News, The Advocate, and gossip columnist Jeannette Walls — say Heche’s new hunk is someone who works on the set of her new movie, John Q , but that he’s not an actor.

Baby Too?Today Walls unveiled the mystery man’s identity. His name, she says, is Coley Laffoon, and he’s a cameraman who got to know Heche while she was on DeGeneres’ cross-country standup tour this summer. Heche was filming her then-lover’s act for an HBO special, so perhaps she got to know Laffoon while they were in close quarters.

But that’s not all. Walls says “several sources” have told her Heche is pregnant. “Anne really wanted to have a kid with Ellen, too,” one snoop tells Walls. “But Ellen wanted her to stay at home and give up her career. Coley is much more supportive of her career and the idea of her being a working mom.”

Calls to Heche’s rep went unreturned.

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