Springer Bows Kindler, Gentler Show

Has Regis Philbin's success inspired Jerry Springer to take his raunchy talk show down a notch?

The smut-loving Jerry Springer Show will mellow out as it enters its 10th season, Chicago Sun-Times writer Robert Feder reported Friday. Springer, whose dramatic style has been under fire following the July murder of one of his guests, plans to dress in casual Friday-style attire in order to blend in with his program's suave new set. We envision Jerry in a hip, mix-or-match monochromatic tie and shirt straight from Reege's new clothing line — though it may not translate to Millionaire ratings.

The Jerry Springer Show also plans to hit the road to interview guests in their natural environment, wherever that may be. "Everybody says two things to us," explained executive producer Richard Dominick. "'Bring back the fights' and 'I'd love to see how these people live.'"

Bring back the fights? We don't recall that the fights ever disappeared from Jerry's three-ring circus.

The Springer Show will debut its revamped format Monday. Dominick soothes the worries of diehard fans by reminding them that the show still wants its fearless guests. "If you're looking to save the whales, call Oprah. If you're sleeping with a whale, call us."