Beasties, Rage Tour Officially Canceled

ByABC News

September 19, 2000 -- As was widely anticipated, the Beastie Boys have announced the official cancellation of the "Rhyme & Reason 2000" tour with Rage Against the Machine, citing "insurmountable logistical, scheduling, and health problems" in a statement released today.

The tour, originally scheduled to kick off in August, was postponed after Mike D (née Diamond) hit a pothole on his bicycle while riding home from tour rehearsals on Saturday, July 22, in New York City. He was later diagnosed with a fifth-degree acromioclavicular joint dislocation, requiring surgery (which he underwent on Aug. 2), four to six weeks of rest, and intense physical therapy to ensure a full recovery.

"All efforts were made to reschedule the tour but were ultimately unsuccessful due to a confluence of prior commitments, holds, scheduling, the venues in question, and numerous other factors," continues the statement from the Beasties' publicist. "Beastie Boys express profound apologies to all artists, personnel, and, most of all, fans who had been looking forward to the tour."

Refunds for previously scheduled Rhyme & Reason 2000 dates are available at point of purchase or via all Ticketmaster outlets.

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