Zane's Titanic Ego, Myers' Margarine Mania

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Sept. 11, 2000 -- Who doesn't love stories of power-crazed celebrities running amok? To your list of star stunts, please add these new entries from Titanic baddie Billy Zane and Dr. Evil portrayer Mike Myers.

Proving that “titanic” isn’t just a name on his resume, the large-egoed Zane reportedly chewed out a doorman at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles, according to the New York Daily News’ Mitchell Fink.

It seems that the fellow, who’s also an actor wannabe, tried to intercede on some autograph-seeking fans’ behalf, since he had once met Zane before.

Instead of remembering the lowly doorman, the eyebrow-furling actor bawled him out, shouting, “How dare you? I’m too big a star. I was in the biggest movie of all time”

To which the doorman quipped, “You mean The Phantom?”— referring to Zane’s 1996 superhero action flop.

Zane’s response was to go to the doorman’s supervisor and have him fired. Hotel representatives tell Fink that the doorman was “let go because he violated the privacy of one of our guests.”

Myers’ Margarine Fracas

And, speaking of tantrum-throwing actors, the New York Post dishes that — now it can be revealed — on the set of Wayne’s World, Mike Myers threw a fit over the lack of margarine. Apparently the star, who was accused of being “selfish”by Imagine execs in a now-settled lawsuit over the junked Dieter, was besides himself that the only bread spread to be had was — gasp! — butter.

According to Wayne director Penelope Spheeris, Myers was on his car phone for hours, “talking to [his manager] about how we didn’t have any margarine and he was going to quit.”

Other “evil”star moments, according to the Post, include Myers supposedly exploding at a grip who dared to look him in the eye on the set of Austin Powers, and the dismissal of his ex-manager, Erwin Stoff, whom Myers reportedly fired because he wouldn’t have a commercial flight to New York turned around so he could meet with Myers that day. “I don’t have that arrangement with American Airlines,”Stoff says he told the micromanagin’ Myers.

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