Big Paychecks for 'Survivor' Cast Members

ByABC News
August 25, 2000, 1:54 PM

Aug. 25 -- We know how much money Richard Hatch and Kelly Wiglesworth took home after Survivors finale (that would be $1 million and $100,000, respectively), but how much did the other players rake in?

Entertainment Tonight reveals that the other Survivors were indeed rewarded for longevity on the tropical island, with third-from-last contestant Rudy Boesch earning $85,000, while Sue Hawk, who was booted just before Rudy, netted $70,000.

The first to go, Sonja Christopher, earned a mere $2,500, while Jenna Lewis take was $27,500.

The newfound celebs have yet to spend their hard-earned dough, however; CBS says the checks are in the mail, presumably because sending the money prior to the top-secret finale might have given the whole game away.

Mania Continues: Books, TV, Ads If you thought Survivor-mania would end with Wednesday nights finale, you were sadly mistaken.

For better or worse, those plucky Survivors arent leaving the public eye any time soon.

Million-dollar winner Richard Hatch kept his cards close to his chest throughout the 39-day-island stint, but now he feels the need to reveal all (and we aint talking about a spread in Playgirl for the clothes-shunning schemer). reports that Hatch is looking to rake in even more dough by pitching a memoir about his Survivor experience and his winning island strategy. Publishing execs tell the site that theres a lot of interest in the cash-in book, which is being described as having a (surprise) Machiavellian tone. Bwah ha ha.

Proving that they can play other games with ease, the reality show contestants will pop up on Hollywood Squares and VH1s The List.

Richard, Sue, Jenna, and Gervase Peterson will sit in on a special Survivor week of Hollywood Squares, to be aired Sept. 25-29, and Jenna will lead fellow castaways Gervase, Colleen Haskell, Greg Buis and Joel Klug in debating the best Desert Island Disc in a segment that will air Aug. 26 on VH1.