Baldwin Dreams of Sex and the City

The little black books belonging to the women of HBO's popular Sex and the City series are getting fatter, and actor Alec Baldwin wants to add his name to the directory.

Apparently the eldest Baldwin got along smashingly with Sex-y leading lady Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of their new film, David Mamet's State and Main. The 42-year-old Baldwin brother and hubby of Kim Basinger — so let's stop with that wink-wink stuff — told the New York Daily News that he "had a lot of fun with Sarah" while filming.

Now the big lug wants to audition for the cosmopolitan happy hour. "I told her I'd love to play a part on Sex and the City," Baldwin gushed. Yeah, you and half of Manhattan, chump!

The lusty ladies of SatC, who grace the cover of the new issue of Time magazine, are quite the phenoms these days. They've also got plenty of, uh, B-list actors to amuse them already: Fading hunks John Corbett ('member Northern Exposure?) and Kyle MacLachlan both received new life when they became this season's fresh meat.

There's always hope. Hirsute Alec might make a dashing cab driver who could finally be the one to steal promiscuous Samantha's heart … and razor, and edible panties, and …