Jameson's Lost Weight but Not Her Fans

Porn star Jenna Jameson seems to have gone from XXX to XXS, but that hasn't deterred her fans.

First, the buxom blonde made headlines for her dramatic weight loss, and more recently, for her reported vaginoplasty gone wrong. This Easter weekend, her behavior at a porn expo put her in the spotlight once again.

Jameson was invited to appear at the Exxxotica convention in Miami Beach for the second time in a row, and there are conflicting reports on her behavior.

The New York Post reported that she behaved unprofessionally and repeatedly showed up late.

"She was contractually supposed to show up for a total of six hours in two days yet arrived late both days and blew off the event 45 minutes early on the second day of her appearance," one source told the newspaper.

The source also added, "When fans openly asked her about her [botched surgery] and why she was so thin, her people cut them off. But she shouldn't be standing in front of an old photo of herself when she's about 40 pounds skinnier than she was."

ABC News spoke to J. Handy, the director and co-owner of Exxxotica, and he had quite the opposite to say about Jameson.

Handy said, "Yes, Jenna may have come in slightly late, but she stayed past the allotted time to make up for it. Honestly, I think it's being blown out of proportion."

When asked about how she handled her fans, Handy told ABC News, "She had a great exhibit. … She was there and all smiles, taking pictures, side by side with every fan that went in the place."

Unprofessional or not, one thing is certain. Jameson has lost a considerable amount of weight.

Handy said it was obvious she had lost weight, and the star is the first one to admit it.

"Ultimately, she's Jenna Jameson. People would line up from Kentucky to meet her in Miami Beach," he told ABC News.

Jameson is in the middle of a divorce settlement from estranged husband Jay Gardina, and she blames her dramatic weight loss on the stress she's under. She recently wrote on her Myspace page:

"I feel like I need to address the weight rumors that have been swirling for a few months now. … People are hateful and accuse me of being a drug addict, or an anorexic. Does anyone seem to remember the fact that I am going through a nasty divorce? It has been weighing heavily on me. … This has definitely affected my weight. It really hurts that my fans and everyone else have taken it upon themselves to be so horrible, screaming eat a burger! or we want the old jenna back!"

When asked what it was about Jameson that attracts people to her, besides the obvious, Handy told ABC News, "It's amazing to us. [It's] not like she has a target audience, she has such a broad audience, ranging from the 18-year-old to the successful businesswoman. There were women wearing, "Grandmas for Jenna'' T-shirts. They look at her as the epitome of the self-empowered woman. That's exactly what she's built her empire around."

Despite some tardiness, Jameson must have done something right in Miami. She's been invited to return to the convention next year.