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Poehler, Harris and Dempsey compare their small screen roles to big screen fame.


Apr. 25, 2008 — -- Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler gets pregnant in "Baby Mama" playing a surrogate mom. Amy didn't love her pregnancy outfit which got a little heavy. She told Parade, "When it got hot I would just take off my stomach for awhile. Even jaded crew members were doing a double-take." For Amy the best part was co-starring with her "Saturday Night Live" buddy Tina Fey. She says, "For the first time we weren't women trying to be funny in a group of guys."

Poehler admits she was a bit surprised that SNL's satire of reporters who were tough on Hillary Clinton got so much attention. "I think that story was picked up a lot because it was about the press," she says. "And we did call attention to the fact the Hillary was getting bashed a little. But the show has no agenda other than being funny. I think as these candidates continue, you'll find that by the end of the season we will have equally offended everyone.'

When she recently met Mrs. Clinton, Poehler reveals that she did get a question from the presidential candidate. "Hillary asked, 'Do I really laugh like that?' she says. "I had to tell her, 'yes you do.' She just smiled and said, 'Ok.'"

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris plays himself again in the raunchy "Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay." What happens is too R-rated to describe – like Neil's encounter with the woman with the double-N bra size. He's also starring in "How I Met Your Mother." And contrary to reports, Neil didn't have a problem with Britney Spears' guest appearance. He told Parade, "It's not like she was killed off. She's welcome to come back and play."

Harris reveals that after his success as "Doogie Hauser" he had mixed feelings about continuing his career on the small screen. "I didn't want to do TV again at all." He admits, "Because I felt that I had sort of done it, done my little chapter, it ran four years, and went into syndication, and there was no need to jump on another one right away. But no matter who I play on TV or in movies I don't think I'll ever be rid of 'Doogie.' It's such an odd name that I'll probably always known as that."

"It could have been worse," he adds. "On like the second season of the series they were gonna do all this marketing with stuff like 'Doogie Houser' lunch boxes. I couldn't believe it and i was shocked. I called Executive Producer Steven Botchco, and said, 'please, don't do that. I don't want to be 35 and go to a K-Mart and see, like the 'Doogie Houser Doctor Kit' in the toy department.' and I give him credit. Steven put a stop to it right away."

Patrick Dempsey

You've seen more of Patrick Dempsey than just his legs on "Grey's Anatomy," but Dr. McDreamy looks hot in a kilt in "Made of Honor." He plays, I kid you not, a guy drafted by his gal pal to be the maid of honor at her wedding. Dempsey has learned something about doctors from his TV series. He told Parade, "They're human beings. You should absolutely question them. Don't get caught up in the notion that they know everything."

The attention focused on his hunky looks makes Dempsey laugh. "People are seeing a fantasy. It's not necessarily me but it does help your ego," he says. "Look I know TV is a visual medium so of course I want to be in shape but I don't want to be ripped up. I'm not going to be Eric Dane. McSteamy is in perfect shape," he teases. "I definitely have pec envy, there's a lot of pressure being a man in this town."

In fact, Dempsey cheerfully reveals that his wife Jillian makes fun of him. "She always says in the morning, 'they should see you now,'" he admits. Dempsey credits her with his present success and happiness. "I have an amazing wife. She's the road forward. She's the one who opens the door and says, 'it's yours. Walk through.' she never closes a door."

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