Single Celebrities: Fame, but Not So Much Game

They have looks, money and fame. But apparently, they don't have game.

Two of Hollywood's hottest leading men fell flat on their faces with the ladies this week. Monday, "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe revealed his onscreen wizardry doesn't work when it comes to the opposite sex. The 18-year-old told Sydney's Daily Telegraph that he was smitten with a woman he met at a recent party but couldn't work up the courage to ask for her name or digits.

"I must have walked around that party for an hour trying to look for this girl, like some sad pathetic dweeb, but it would have been worth it," Radcliffe told the paper, though after multiple women came forward claiming to be the girl of his dreams, Radcliffe's publicist said his comments were meant in jest.

The same day, the New York Post reported that "Transformers" star Shia LaBeouf couldn't catch the eye of any of the hotties at New York City's Beatrice Inn. According to an unnamed source, the 21-year-old LaBeouf got so desperate that he turned to a woman and whined, "How do I get a girl to go home with me?"

Boys, boys, boys: Maybe your celebrity can snag free champagne and unlock exclusive clubs. But it's not going to open a girl's heart.

To be fair, starlets can be just as sloppy as their male counterparts. After learning that the hunk sitting next to her at a Los Angeles club was a Brit in town for only one night, "Hills" star Lauren Conrad leaned over to her girlfriend, yelled "Jackpot!" and raised her hand to slap her five -- not exactly classy. But while a girl, famous or not, can command the attention of males in the room with a low-cut top and pair of high heels, star guys might need to bring a little more to the party.

Step one: Ditch the entitlement complex. Maybe you think you shouldn't have to work for a woman's attention because you were on episode 10 of season two of "Real World/Road Rules Challenge," and she should know who you are. You're wrong.

"Superprivileged people, particularly spoiled boys, just don't know how to interact. They're used to having everything handed to them," said E! online gossip columnist Ted Casablanca. "I've seen Shia at clubs -- he doesn't have a lot of finesse. I've seen him be rather awkward with women. Clearly, these people are given scripts in their professional lives. Maybe they need them in their personal lives too."

"These guys are young. I guess they want women to faint for them," added Terri Sloane, owner of the New York City matchmaking service Introductions by TS. "But women love to be pursued. Women want men to do the chasing."

Step two: Leave the grungy jeans and sneaks at home and go somewhere chic. Eugene Remm, co-owner of NYC hot spot Tenjune, which will play host to Mariah Carey and Hilary Duff as the Tribeca Film Festival Cadillac Lounge, said his club rarely sees an A-Lister swigging cocktails alone.

"We have a lot of beautiful girls. We have a lot of good-looking guys. The quality of the crowd, I don't think there's another place in New York that can compare to it. Whether you're a guy or girl actor, the scenery is the best that you're going to get," Remm said.

Step three: Instead of whining about how no one wants to sit on your lap, let a free drink do the talking.

"Send the woman a glass of champagne and tell the waiter or bartender to tell the woman, 'You have an admirer.' It's guaranteed to get her attention," Sloane said.

Enough champagne can make anyone seem charming. But to find lasting love (and this applies to nonfamous guys too) get out of the club. How many long-term relationships start out with one-too-many-shots of SoCo Lime?

"I have people who are surrounded by gorgeous models, and what I find is they're sick of the gorgeous models. They want to find someone who is substantial and multifaceted," said Lisa Clampitt, founder of VIP Life, described on its Web site as an "exclusive, elite social club" for New Yorkers. "When you're going to a hot club or bar of the moment, you're only going to be meeting party people. You're in a candy shop in a sense. It's very mentally unhealthy. If you're ready for a relationship, you have to take a step back. Get introduced to someone by a friend, look outside of the scene."

So to recap: Daniel, next time, send your would-be wizardress a drink. And Shia, get your butt out of the Beatrice Inn. There are plenty of nice, nonfamous girls at the coffee shop next door who'd be happy to go home with you. You're the new "Indiana Jones." You've got Harrison Ford's shoes to fill. Man up.