Jade Goody Shocked by Intruder in Hospital Room

Hospital intruder prompts more security for terminally ill reality TV star.

March 9, 2009, 3:11 PM

LODNON, March 9, 2009— -- Expecting to see her newlywed-husband Jack Tweedy as she woke up Sunday afternoon from a deep sleep, Jade Goody was shocked to see a strange woman at her hospital bedside, dancing and chanting. The woman fled the facility as soon as Goody -- the terminally ill U.K. reality TV star -- started screaming for help. The woman was later arrested by the police.

The 41-year-old woman was released after she was interrogated at the police station. The police said she was carrying a hammer in her bag. "Jade was very scared when it happened, but she wants to believe the woman meant her no harm," her spokesman Max Clifford said today.

Goody's husband and a close friend visited her for a few hours Sunday but left for a tea break around 3 p.m. The woman sneaked into Goody's room and started dancing and chanting.

Goody now has a guard outside her room around the clock, and hospital security has been increased.

With a few weeks to live, as doctors predict, Goody has other things on her mind. She's disappointed that she's unable to see her sons every day, because heavy pain medication prevents her from leaving the hospital. Her sons, Bobby, 5, and Freddy, 4, attend school during the week and are only able to visit her on the weekends.

Goody hopes her pain will ease, and she can spend her last days at home. "She has good hope, but it all depends on how she is and what her doctors say, because she is on pain control," spokesman Clifford said.

Goody, 27, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer last summer, is now able to stay awake for a maximum half an hour at a time before she is exhausted and has to rest. She is often sedated because of the heavy painkillers.

"But her loved ones are determined to make the moments that she is awake count," Clifford said.

She her sons were christened Saturday in her hospital room when she was awake for 20 minutes.

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