Al Roker Squares off with Spencer & Heidi?

There's a feud brewing between Al Roker and Speidi.

It all started with Roker's interview with Heidi and Spencer Pratt on Monday's "Today" show. There to discuss their short-lived appearance on the reality show "I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!," the couple found themselves under attack from Roker.

The couple made tabloid headlines during their "I'm a Celebrity," run after clashing with producers and co-stars and repeatedly quitting -- then returning -- to the show. There was also a series of bizarre off-set incidents that left some wondering if they were just manufactured publicity stunts.

Roker asked Heidi if she was proud of the couple's behavior on the show. Not satisfied with her reply, Roker cut her off and sternly repeated: "No [the question is], are you proud of this?"

He also lit into Spencer, telling him that people think he acts like a "jerk."

The Pratts did not respond to's request for comment.

But apparently, the interview was so bruising, Heidi claims she cried afterward. Later on Monday, she told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show, "I was shocked at how rude he was. I was crying afterwards because I felt personally attacked because he was yelling and saying, 'Do you feel proud of this?'"

Spencer held his tongue on the morning interview program but let loose on Seacrest's show. He told Seacrest, it was a good thing he had been "saved by Jesus," otherwise he would have "ripped" Roker's head off.

By Tuesday night, when the couple appeared on "Larry King Live," cooler heads had prevailed.

"My heart was pounding," he told King about his reaction to the interview. "Obviously any male, especially an elderly male, who thinks he can berate my 22-year-old wife on television… it was a very difficult situation."

"We're keeping it moving," he added. "We forgive him. It was early in the morning. Maybe he was upset he had to report some bad weather coming up later this week."

Roker's rep referred to the "Today" show publicist, who did not respond to a request for comment.

These days, it seems, the weatherman has been weathering his own headlines.

Roker recently snapped photographs of a jury assembly room and posted them to his Twitter account after reporting for jury duty last month – in violation of court rules – and he had to apologize to officials at Manhattan's Criminal Court.

Al Roker Defends Interview

Roker called the mistake "inadvertent," but defended himself.

"Folks need to lighten up," he said in a later Twitter posting. "I'm not breaking laws . . . just trying to share the experience of jury duty. One that I think is important and everyone should take part in."

David Bookstaver, a spokesman for the state Office of Court Administration, echoed Roker's sentiment, while saying the picture taking was "ill advised."

"No harm was done," Bookstaver said, adding: "What's more important is this shows Al came to do his civic duty, and we're happy about that. It's a good example that nobody's exempt."

Still, it seems, when Roker steps out of his weatherman role, he sometimes stumbles into trouble. In his latest flap with Speidi, he also turned to Twitter.

"Heidi and Spencer are an interesting couple. famous for...being infamous," he Tweeted after his interview. "Bad and vacuous behavior. I think we're at minute 11 of their 15."

Roker defended his own behavior Tuesday on "Today."

"Was that an attack? I don't think so," he told co-host Meredith Vieira. "I believe I asked what a lot of people wanted to know."

He also laughed off Spencer's remark that he would have "ripped" his head off. "If he had tried to come across, I would've dumped him like a bag of dirt," Roker said.

As for Heidi's comments that she would "advise women to be careful around him because I feel like he definitely attacked me and I didn't deserve that at all," Roker responded: "Come on, I've interviewed hundreds of women on this program and never had a complaint."