'Stranger Things' fans go Upside Down for Halloween as season 2 drops

The hit Netflix show is a top trending topic for the spooky holiday.

— -- “Stranger Things” super fans are going absolutely Upside Down over Halloween this year in celebration of today’s season 2 premiere.

Pinterest’s 2017 Pinfrights Report saw an overall “Stranger Things” 40 percent rise over last year, with specific saves for “Stranger Things” party ideas up 1,434 percent since last year.

“This show may have captured audiences last year but saves for the popular '80s gang are still on the rise, especially with season 2 premiering right ahead of the holiday,” a Pinterest spokesperson told ABC News.

Here a few of our favorite “Stranger Things” Halloween ideas:


Upside Down pumpkin diorama

Rachel-Chloe Gregory of Nashville, Tennessee, crafted a homemade "Stranger Things"-themed pumpkin diorama featuring fan-favorite Barb in the Upside Down. She said she "looked everywhere for spooky little trees to put in the Upside Down."

Alphabet wall painted pumpkins

Pinterest’s 2017 Pinfrights Report said "Stranger Things" pumpkins are up 4,000 saves from last year.


Eleven costumes

Mitchell Felton, 23, of Greenwood, South Carolina, really upped the ante with his homemade Eleven costume featuring his mother’s pink nightgown.

Felton said he’s definitely going to start watching the new season of “Stranger Things” today.

“I have all day squared away to start binging,” he said.

His hilarious costume even caught Netflix's attention on social media.

Steven Costa, 26, of Greenville, South Carolina, said he purchased his Eleven outfit at a costume store.

"It doesn't get much newer or more relevant than 'Stranger Things','" Costa told ABC News. "Friends love it. We discussed the beard thing, and we decided it would be funnier with it."

Alphabet wall costume

“I think anyone that is a fan of the show and is looking forward to season 2 would definitely consider dressing up as someone or something from the show,” she told ABC News.


“Better get ready mouth breathers, we're coming back,” Schumacher of Plano, Texas, wrote in the caption.

Schumacher said she shopped at children’s shops for the outfits and bought the wigs at local retail stores.

Pregnancy announcement

Fan are even using the science fiction drama to announce their pregnancies this October.

Earlier this month, “Stranger Things” fans Daniel Vongnakhone, 28 and Krystal Jugarap, 27, of California, used the alphabet wall and Christmas lights to announce the sex of their baby, who is due to arrive in February.

The couple spent about $40 buying the lights and other gadgets needed to make the lights spell out "It's a girl." The video went viral with more than 1 million views.

"I knew the new season was coming so I thought I'd mention it to Krystal and figure out how to do it," Vongnakhone told ABC News.