The Super Bowl Doritos Commercial Will Win Someone $1 Million

"Pitch Perfect 2" star Elizabeth Banks explains how.

— -- Before the big game tonight, 10 lucky finalists and young filmmakers were all wondering who was going to be the big winner for Doritos' Crash the Super Bowl contest.

The way the winner finds out is just like everyone else. They watch as their commercial airs live during the game.

What does the winner get besides their own Doritos commercial during the biggest sporting event in the world? Well, they also get $1 million and a job with Universal Pictures, working with the likes of "Pitch Perfect 2" director, producer and actress Elizabeth Banks.

In fact, Banks was part of the judging panel for the contest and told ABC News, "one of my favorite parts of this process was getting to call the 10 finalists and tell them they are going to the Super Bowl ... we were like making their life when we made these phone calls. There's no better feeling than making someone's dream come true."

You can watch the 10 finalists now at to see all the great work that went into this campaign.

"They come from all walks of life," Banks, 40, said of the finalists. "Some are screenwriters, some are filmmakers, some are cameramen, it runs the gamut. The commercials came out really, really well and they are all different and surprising."

Banks is entering into her own uncharted territory with her directorial debut in "Pitch Perfect 2." She believes she is "building on an amazing legacy" from the first film and said this sequel, due out May 15, will move the story line forward.

"We wanted to give the audience as much of what they love about Fat Amy and Beca and all the rest of these characters and the sort of joyfulness of the first movie, but that we also gave you something new, something fresh," she said. "I really feel strongly that we found a great movie that can stand on its own ... we're really taking it to another level."