Taylor Swift Announces First-Ever Music Video App for 'Blank Space'

"Blank Space" is a single off the singer's chart-topping album "1989."

ByABC News
November 11, 2014, 1:40 PM

— -- If Taylor Swift fans thought Monday’s debut of the music video for her latest single, “Blank Space,” was wild, wait until they see what the newly minted pop superstar is releasing now.

Swift, 24, appeared on “Good Morning America” today to show off a first in the music business: the first-ever app designed specifically for a music video.

“It’s really fun to have fans that actually do care about videos and storylines and lyrics and so the fact that they’re so engaged makes me want to create cool little things for them like this,” Swift said.

The “American Express Unstaged: Taylor Swift Experience,” available now for free on all Android and iOS devices, is what Swift calls a “360 degree experience” into the music video, shot inside Long Island mansions.

“You essentially get to play around this story land and explore the mansion,” Swift said. “There are all of these hidden little clues and if you click on doorways, you go into the next room.”

The music video for “Blank Space” generated buzz for Swift’s acting as much as her singing. The songstress is shown in various stages of revenge and anger, smashing a car, wielding a knife and shredding and burning clothes, often with a mascara-strewn face.

“Essentially, it is a song I wrote about basically the fact that the media has kind of portrayed me to be this desperate crazy serial dater and so I decided I was just going to kind of continue the joke and take back the narrative,” Swift said. “So we decided we had to just go absolutely crazy with the video.”

“It was an amazing experience,” she said of the video shoot.

“Blank Space” is one of 13 tracks on Swift’s debut album as a pop star, “1989.” The album has now sold 2.6 million albums globally since its Oct. 27 release, even though Swift removed the album from Spotify earlier this month.

“I’ve been very optimistic and enthusiastic about the state of the music industry and thankfully so have my fans,” Swift said. “They proved that they’re ready and willing to invest in music and pay their hard-earned money to buy music and I think it made an incredible statement, especially in this time in music.”