Taylor Swift Surprises ‘GMA’ 'Shake It Off' Contest Winners Live

The teen dancers "Shake It Off" like pros in a fun-filled video to Swift's hit.

Florida teen Sydney Mays, 13, and her friends – Ashley Benson, Lexi Flanigan, Shay Henderson, and Janel Hernandez -- teamed up to make a fun-filled video, and the five friends got the surprise of a lifetime today from the music superstar.

Swift revealed that their video submission, featuring the five teens from Winter Garden, Florida cruising in a convertible and breaking out in a choreographed dance to the catchy song, won.

“I love you so much,” Swift told the ecstatic teens after they learned the news. “I’m so emotional watching your video. You put so much thought into it and you put so much spirit into it and I am so excited you meet you guys. You have no idea.”

As soon as the teenage girls heard they were not only finalists in the contest, but indeed the winners, they could barely contain themselves.

The friends, wearing matching neon-colored t-shirts with Swift’s song lyrics written on them, immediately began screaming and jumping up and down before forming a big group hug to congratulate each other.

The group from is part of a competitive dance team from "Shooting Stars Dance School" and said that Swift's "Shake It Off" had inspired them to pursue their passion for dancing and stay positive in life.

“Taylor is just such an inspiring person,” Mays explained. “And her song just basically says, “Shake off all the negativity that comes with life and just be yourself, and if you’re happy with who you are, then everyone else should be, too.”

Their video was one of hundreds of creative entries received from all across America with inspirational backstories and messages. Click here to watch more viewer videos!

"'Shake It Off' tells us to not care what people say. If we are surrounded by negativity, we will never grow as individuals or dancers," Mays wrote in the group's submission essay to "GMA." "'Shake It Off' inspires us to be happy and content with ourselves and live life to the fullest."