How Teresa Giudice is Coping With Possible Jail Time for Her and Joe

On last night's show, Giudice received some bad news.

— -- With sentencing for the Giudices set for September, "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" continued to show the family's legal woes last night on the show.

In this episode, filmed months prior to the summer, Teresa Giudice sees a psychic James Van Praagh to find out how her fraud charges are going to end up, People magazine reports.

"From your point of view, It'll work out fine for you," the psychic tells Teresa. "I don't see [jail]."

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But he didn't have such good news for her husband Joe.

"I don't know if he's going to get off with those charges," Van Praagh said. "I feel that he's definitely going to do some time for some of these charges, or also pay some restitution. I don't see him out in the clear."

Teresa got noticeably choked up about the bad news.

"I think about my kids and Joe and just everything," she said, holding back tears.

Both Teresa and Joe Giudice plead guilty to the multiple counts of fraud back in March, with sentencing to come later this year.

The psychic also told Giudice she would be moving, which again she was not too happy about.

"I don't want to move, we have a lot of memories here. I want them to always remember where they grew up," she said of her and Joe's four daughters - Gia, Milania, Audriana and Gabriella.

She added that she and her husband are strong people and that she will not crumble.