5 Things to Know About Actress Bella Thorne

Get to know the up-and-coming actress.

— -- At just 17, Bella Thorne has accomplished a lot.

The actress not only starred in the hit Disney show "Shake It Up," she's also been featured in blockbuster films like "Blended" and "The Duff," with many, many more to come.

Thorne spoke to ABC News on behalf of the National Park Service and the #FindYourPark public service campaign, which will celebrate the centennial of the organization next year.

Here are five things you probably never knew about this star on the rise.

1 - She's From Florida and Is an Outdoors Kind of Girl

"My dad used to take us camping all the time. That was a big thing for us," she told ABC News. "I think #FindYourPark is special because now it's all social media and about being on your cell, I feel like we are missing the beauty ion life! ... I was raised outdoors, I'm from Miami, so we are very big on that."

2 - College Is in Her Future

"I've always wanted to go to school and go to college and stuff, and hopefully I'll go to USC and study writing and directing and I'll have the experience," she said of the University of Southern California.

In fact, she admitted that while on set, she's never in her trailer, she's always working with the director to learn the craft behind the camera.

3 - She's a Netflix Binge-Watcher

"I like hanging in my room, eating Ramen and watching Netflix," she added. "I just finished 'Sons of Anarchy.' Right now, I'm watching 'Californication,' and I just started 'Better Call Saul.'"

4 - She's Not Into Playing the Mean Girl

In "The Duff," we saw Thorne as the mean high school girl, but the "Famous in Love" star says playing a positive role is more her style.

"I really try not to go for those roles anymore," she said of the mean girl. "I like mostly playing ... like girls that don't need a man in their life and can make it on their own. I'm a little bit of a feminist, I'd say."

5 - She Has a New Show Coming Out on ABC Family

"'Famous in Love' is a really great book, I loved. Luckily I get to work with an amazing creator Marlene King, who's done 'Pretty Little Liars' and a bunch else," she said. "I get to play this character who gets plucked from obscurity. She goes to UCLA and all of the sudden, she gets cast in the new 'Twilight Saga' basically. She ends up falling in love with both her co-stars."

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