5 things to know about the Disney XD series 'DuckTales'

The cast of Disney’s new “DuckTales” series stopped by the ABC News

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August 8, 2017, 5:05 PM

— -- The cast of Disney’s new “DuckTales” stopped by the ABC News studios to talk about the series reboot and let’s just say it was anything but a typical interview. When the studio lights went up, the jokes were on and hilarity ensued.

For anyone who missed the original series, the story follows the adventurous family of Scrooge McDuck and his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie. And the show's theme song is arguably one of the most catchy of all time, a true earworm.

Here are 5 things to know about Disney’s reboot of "DuckTales":

1. The all new “DuckTales” cast

The cast includes David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck, Ben Schwartz, best known as Dewey Duck, and Danny Pudi as Huey Duck. In this interview, the pranks started before ABC News’ Amna Nawaz could ask the first question. The trio decided to cross their legs in sync in the same direction throughout the interview. They stayed true to the prank until the very end; the show lost count of the number of times they made the moves.

PHOTO: Amna Nawaz, David Tennant, Ben Schwartz and Danny Pudi at the ABC News studios in New York City, Aug. 8, 2017.
Amna Nawaz, David Tennant, Ben Schwartz and Danny Pudi at the ABC News studios in New York City, Aug. 8, 2017.

2. The storyline follows the original, with a few twists

"One of the things that we’ve kept true is that it’s about family and these huge adventures," Schwartz said. “I think the difference is that, if you watch the animation style, it kind of mixes the comic blend of Carl Barks (Cartoonist and creator of Scrooge McDuck) with the old TV show. The difference is that we bring a little bit of comedy to it because these two people are very funny."

"But in essence, it’s still that family friendly show that kind of works for every generation," he added. "Our generation of kids will enjoy it as well."

3. The cast did not record their voice-overs together

Tennant told Nawaz that the recording process was not as simple as standing in the booth and talking into the mic. He explained that because they were playing the roles of young ducks, a lot more energy was required.

PHOTO: David Tennant stars as Scrooge McDuck in Disney's "DuckTales."
David Tennant stars as Scrooge McDuck in Disney's "DuckTales."

"There’s a lot of shouting and jumping around, it’s very sweaty," Tennant said. "It’s quite a small room and you’ll do maybe three or four episodes at a time. There’s a lot of serious adventuring going on and the world ends regularly, very close to the end of civilization with most episodes."

4. Making a show the cast's kids can watch

"My kids are always asking me, everything on TV, if it’s appropriate," Pudi said. "I have twin 5-year-olds who are amazing. This is super exciting for me because I did watch this show as a kid with my brother and sister. And now this is awesome because I can share this with [the twins] and it’s an excuse for me to watch the show. I’m super-pumped for them to see the show."

PHOTO: "DuckTales" returns to Disney XD.
"DuckTales" returns to Disney XD.

5. The cast members actually know the theme song

Be warned, the "DuckTales" theme song will have you hooked from the first "woo-oo." It's worth a listen for anyone who hasn't heard it. Those who have, get ready to sing along.

Watch a clip of the “DuckTales” theme song:

“Ducktales” returns August 12 on Disney XD for 24 consecutive hours.

Be sure to watch the full interview with Amna Nawaz and cast of “DuckTales” in the video above.

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