5 things to know about indie-pop band AJR

The Met brothers have the hit single "Weak."

Now the group is gearing up for the second leg of their “What Everyone’s Thinking” tour and the release of their new full length album, “The Click.”

Here are five things you need to know about AJR:

2. The group writes, records and produces all of their own music from their living room Using the money they made from busking, the AJR brothers bought a bass, a ukulele and a sampler to bring back to the living room of their New York City apartment, where they have been making their music ever since. The group says that their ability to have free reign over their music allows them to be as honest as possible with their fans.

“There’s no facade anymore between us and our fans...Nobody’s telling us you have to make this kind of music, or you have to use this kind of imaging. It’s been a really interesting process trying to find our own voice, but we feel like fans are responding to that because they got to go on that journey of us figuring out who we are with us,” bassist and vocalist Adam Met said.

3. They wrote their hit song “Weak” in a day When the group wrote their single “Weak” in just a few hours in their living room, they had no idea how successful the song would become. AJR says that they wanted to make more songs about topics not usually covered in music, leading them to write about the human tendency to give into temptation in “Weak.” Since its release the song has garnered over 150 million Spotify streams and made Top 30 charts in over 25 countries worldwide.

4. They weren’t always successful Though AJR recently sold out the first leg of their headline tour, the brothers say that they slowly built up their fan base and were not always successful.

“Our very first show that we played I think there were 3 people in the room. And because we actually played that show for them they became lifelong fans...I think we grew because we paid attention to every single person who cared,” said Adam.

Throughout their career, there were at least 100 times where they wanted to give up. But they learned to take every rejection and failure and turn it into a learning opportunity. The brothers say that it was this kind of mindset that allowed to them to keep going and create better music for their fans.

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