5 Things Jerry Seinfeld Revealed During Jalopnik Q&A

The comedic legend dished on his favorite shows, reincarnation and Larry David.

Jan. 20, 2014 — -- On Monday, comedic legend Jerry Seinfeld took an hour out of his busy day to answer questions from all the car nuts visiting Jalopnik.com, a blog "covering cars, car culture and the automotive industry."

Here's the five things we learned about Seinfeld during his engaging Q&A with fans.

1 - He's still funny!

Q: If, after you die, you could be reincarnated as any car at all, would you consider a Skoda 130? They're pretty cool. How can I sweeten the deal?

Jerry: You want me to die? Reincarnation as a car is an interesting idea. Whatever you're driving, is you as a car, even if it's borrowed. You are your car.

2 - His comedy rubs off on his fans.

Q: Want to grab a drink some time? I'm buying.

Jerry: Find a nearby bucket of ice water and throw it in your face.

To which, the fan replied: Weirdly, that's the same response I get whenever I ask a girl out!

3 - He's got a wild side!

Q: Hey, Jerry, tell us about the regular occurrence of Larry David and yourself racing home after Seinfeld shoots. You in whichever Porsche you owned at the time, Larry in his Saab ... surely there are some memorable stories there!

Jerry: It was me and Larry Charles, not Larry David. We used to race over Laurel Canyon at like 3 a.m. He had a Saab, I had a 911, I'd give him a five-minute head start. Took a lot of unreasonable risks.That became my car entertainment for the day. I knew every inch of it. I thought they should stage a race there. It'd be a great time trial.

4 - He defends his friends.

Q: What does Larry David's head smell like?

Jerry: Please don't try to be funny.

5 - His favorite TV shows since "Seinfeld" ended.

Q: Dozens of shows have attempted to fill the void created when Seinfeld left the air, yet none have had the longevity and success of your show. Which ones have been your favorites, cable and network?

Jerry: I like "Curb," "Modern Family," "Top Gear." I don't think anybody ever fills another's void.

Bonus - He's healthy.

Q: Do you still eat cereal? What's your favorite? I've been on a Cinnamon Life kick lately. Thanks for the endless hours of entertainment Jerry!

Jerry: Just oatmeal, I'm older now and oatmeal's good for your cholesterol.