Tony Awards: Lin-Manuel Miranda Pays Tribute to Orlando Massacre Victims

"Love is love is love," he said in an emotional victory speech at the Tonys.

In textbook Miranda fashion, he read a pre-written verse and started, "Nothing here is promised, not one day," when explaining in New York City how people should celebrate life.

"Hope and love last longer," he said after referencing the victims -- at least 50 dead -- in Orlando, Florida, early this morning at a gay nightclub.

"Love is love is love is love is love," he said passionately to close, crying when talking about the killings.

"I knew the story was worth telling when I picked up Ron Chernow's biography," he said. "The rest of it has been seven years of hard work and writing and rewriting. It wasn't until the cast album came out that I realized, 'Oh, this is going to do a different thing.'"

He continued: "The way the world has responded has been so overwhelming. Tonight is going to be fun."