Top Security Measures in Place for Super Bowl 51

Houston will host the Super Bowl on Sunday for the third time.

"We have almost three miles of security perimeter around our venues," Cathy Lanier, the senior vice president of security for the NFL, said at a press conference.

"The city of Houston [and] Houston Police Department actually brought in cement barricades downtown," he said. "So those cement barricades are in place and will stop any vehicles from going through."

According to officials, more than 5,000 officers will be patrolling the area, aided by SWAT teams, cyber squads, intelligence analysts and surveillance specialists.

"If we had an object left behind or a vehicle placed where it shouldn't be, the cameras could actually pick that up and flag that as an abnormal event and trigger an alert for us to look at that," said Darren Pokonene, a solutions architect at the Verizon Command Center.

"Our goal is to be behind the scenes," Turner said. "We want everybody to enjoy the event."