Tori Spelling Opens Up About Expecting Her 5th Child

The reality star is pregnant with her fifth child with Dean McDermott.

October 24, 2016, 11:26 AM

— -- Tori Spelling is relishing being pregnant for the fifth time.

"I never thought I’d be pregnant again. It’s a very welcome surprise," Spelling, 43, told People on Sunday, alongside her four children at the annual Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation festival in L.A.

"I said before my pregnancy with Finn that I love being pregnant and it was such an amazing experience, and this one has not let me down. It's been great. I have energy, and I feel like I'm loving every minute of it," she added.

Spelling's suffered from placenta previa while carrying Finn, now 4, whom she calls her "miracle baby."

But she said she's feeling "100 percent healthy" this time around.

"I’m totally healthy and safe," she said. "The condition I had with my last pregnancy, the baby and I got checked out when we first found out, and not only does it not exist, but it cannot exist. So we are going to have a happy and healthy pregnancy together."

Spelling doesn't have to worry about working out either. The mother of Liam, 9; Stella, 8; Hattie, 5; and Finn with husband Dean McDermott, stays busy wrangling her brood.

"I always say this — I have four kids, and it’s the biggest workout of anyone’s life," Spelling said. "I literally am up at 6 a.m. with the kids. I do not do my thing and settle in bed until 9 at night. Literally, I don’t sit down."

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