Tyra Banks Reveals Her Top Makeup Do’s, Don’ts

Tyra Banks has new product line; says “makeup is the great beauty equalizer."

— -- Model-turned-entrepreneur Tyra Banks is launching the makeup line Tyra Beauty, which she says will allow ordinary women to work with their assets and transform themselves.

“Without makeup, I would have never been a supermodel. I don't wake up with naturally sculpted cheekbones -- I paint them on!” Banks, 40, said in a statement Friday about the new line. “I believe makeup is the great beauty equalizer.”

The release also said the Tyra Beauty was taking a stance that "natural beauty is kind of unfair."

Tyra Beauty will focus on “’Beautytainment’ – where beauty and entertainment collide,” the release said, adding that the line would be “all about Beauty. Business. Badassery.”

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Banks’ website, Tyra.com, has been revamped to highlight the new line, which features the TYOver, an applicator stick for the face, a “Smize” eye makeup product to allow women to smile with their eyes (Banks coined the term “Smize”), and the It Factory, featuring lip products inspired by the runway, the release said.

The products will be sold by independent contractors which the release calls “Beautytainers.” Training for the contractors will be offered through Tyra University, according to the release.

Banks collaborated with several music producers to create “BOOTYful,” a song for the new line.

Below are Tyra’s three do’s and don’ts of makeup:

Tyra’s Top 3 Do’s

1. DO use your fingers! Your skin is the perfect applicator for cream blush, highlighter, concealer and more. Use those digits to blend, blend, blend. TyTy uses hers for her “in a Stick” TYover products.

2. DO paint it on! Paint it ALL on! Don’t be afraid to rock a bold lip AND a bold eye. The camera will love you.

3. DO apply that extra coat of mascara. Layer it on! You can never have enough lash love.

Tyra’s Top 3 Don’ts

1. DON’T sleep in that makeup. You’ll have a less smooth palette to work with in the future.

2. DON’T get ‘mask face’. Slathering one foundation all over your face will make you look one dimensional. Contour that face with some TYover sticks and come into 3-D reality.

3. DON’T skip the lip. A pop of bright color on that pucker can make the rest of your face glow in a pinch.