'The View' co-hosts kill it with Stephen King Halloween costumes

From "It" to "Pet Sematary," the co-hosts paid homage to the author's novels.

"The View" co-hosts slayed Halloween this year, paying homage to author Stephen King's thrilling novels by recreating iconic scenes and frightening characters from their movies, including a thriller open the epic "The Viewing."

For the open, Abby Huntsman sat inside a vintage red car after chatting on the phone with Sunny Hostin. She didn't realize that she'd be entering a situation straight out of King's "Christine" novel from 1983. To Huntsman's misfortune, she couldn't get out of the hot rod car as the kid's song "Baby Shark" played on repeat.

Hostin was greeted by Joy Behar's adorable dog Bernie, except he turned out more like the rabid Saint Bernard from "Cujo." Hostin ran to Behar's dressing room to find help, but discovers her in a position of "Misery" — a play off the King novel — with "The Mooch" Anthony Scaramucci.

Desperate, Huntsman and Hostin turned to Whoopi Goldberg for help. When they explained the events that had been unfolding, Goldberg revealed that everything was going according to plan, telling her fellow co-hosts, "Sounds like my little Halloween inspirations are taking effect."

"I did try to get the Shawshank Redemption in here, but trying to move an entire prison is a bitch," Goldberg added. Smashing through the door like Jack Torrance from "The Shining," Meghan McCain made an appearance, peeking her head through the door and saying, "Got it, we’re doing Stephen King. Let’s start the show.”

Sunny Hostin decided to face her fear of clowns this year, literally. She was unrecognizable as Pennywise from "It."

Abby Huntsman owned her role as the terrifying teen from "Carrie," who raised hell on prom night after being crowned prom queen and having a bucket of blood dropped onto her.

Huntsman's costume reminded viewers everywhere not to mess with the nice girl.

Who better to play the sinister Grady sisters from "The Shining" than Joy Behar and Meghan McCain? The terrifying twosome showed us a world that's scarier than "The View's" Hot Topics.

Finally, Whoopi Goldberg channeled Church, the cat that went splat in "Pet Semetary," with a feline costume that can instill fear into anyone that crosses her path.

Halloween isn't the first time Goldberg embraced King's horror novels. In September, she revealed a new hairdo with platinum white faux locs for her role in his limited series "The Stand."

"I'm so proud to be doing this," said Goldberg of her role in King's show. "Kudos to ABC who is allowing me to go and do what my first love is."

Guests Jordin Sparks and Dr. Mehmet Oz joined in on the Halloween fun with costumes of their own.

In honor of her year-old son, Dana Isaiah Jr., Sparks dressed up as Astrid and her dragon, Stormfly, from the movie "How to Train Your Dragon."

Oz did a play on words with his "Game of Bones" costume styled after one of his favorite shows, "Game of Thrones."

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