'The View' weighs in on model Helena Christensen being told she's 'too old' to wear bustier: 'Fashion is what makes you comfortable'

The critic wrote we think 50 is the new 30, but "clothes know the true story."

After 50-year-old supermodel Helena Christensen faced criticism for wearing a bustier, "The View" co-hosts weighed in on whether people can age-out of certain fashions.

Ex-editor of British Vogue Alexandra Shulman published a piece in the Daily Mail saying Christensen is "too old" for the outfit, and her entire look was "tacky."

"We might like to think that 70 is the new 40 and 50 the new 30 but our clothes know the true story," the 61-year-old fashion editor wrote,

"Something you wore at 30 will never look the same on you 20 years later. Clothes don’t lie," she added.

On Monday, Christensen took to Instagram to respond to Schulman with a photo of her and two friends at the event and captioned it, "Let’s continue to elevate and support each other, all you beautiful, smart, fun, sexy, hard working, talented, nurturing women out there." Christensen added the playful hashtag #ooopssheworeabustieragain.

On "The View" Wednesday morning, the co-hosts condemned Schulman's remarks about Christensen's outfit and fashion rules for certain ages altogether.

"In this day and age when women talk about... trying to bring each other –- or pardon the pun –- boost each other up, why would you write something like that?" Whoopi Goldberg questioned.

"More importantly, she's comfortable," Goldberg said about Schulman's piece. "So how dare you try to bring her down. What do you look like in a bustier?"

"Here's the thing: Fashion is what makes you comfortable," she added. "Christian Siriano and many other folks in fashion now are looking to see how to incorporate everyone in fashion, because not only do they want you to look good, but they want clothing to sell. They want to sell clothing, and people want to wear things that make them comfortable."

"At 50 is when you need a bustier," Joy Behar joked. "That's when those puppies start drooping!" She went onto say that "everybody has something to offer, and you should use what you have."

"I just think you have to be comfortable in your own skin," Sunny Hostin said. "As a woman, we are constantly knocked about our looks. We are constantly told what looks good, what doesn't. We're shamed for it."

"For one woman to be doing that to another it's kind of sickening," Hostin added.

Meghan McCain said on "The View" that some of her worst experiences in life were among fashion editors and stylists at photo shoots that made her feel insecure for being a size not typically seen in fashion.

"There is an arrogance to people in fashion that I've always hated," McCain said.

"I got my nails done next to Helena Christensen one time and I could not stop staring at her, she's that gorgeous in person," McCain said about her encounter with the Danish supermodel. "Take many seats, Vogue, in many ways right now. I don't have time for it."

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