Vin Diesel Teases Possible New Role as Marvel Superhero

See the pic the actor shared on Facebook and read about 'The Inhumans.'

ByABC News
December 29, 2014, 11:34 AM

— -- Vin Diesel already voiced the role of Groot in this year's hit "Guardians of the Galaxy," but he may be back in the Marvel world in another big way.

Earlier this year, Marvel announced their "Phase 3" plan for movies coming out in the next few years, one being "The Inhumas," set for release in 2018.

On Facebook Sunday, Diesel, 47, posted a picture wearing an "Inhumans" t-shirt with the caption "Are you Inhuman?" in the background.

His almost 89 million fans on Facebook went nuts!

Diesel would be perfect for one of the roles of heroes created when an alien race experimented on this planet's early humans, according to the books. The Kree empire spliced Eternals DNA into primitive homo sapiens on Earth millions of years ago to battle the Skrulls, according to One Inhuman, in particular, Black Bolt in the group's current king.

Black Bolt "has the ability to unleash great destructive power through the use of his voice," according to his Marvel profile.

Other members of the group include Medusa, Karnak, Gorgon, Triton, Crystal, Maximus the Mad, and Lockjaw.

Marvel had no comment on the posting and a cast has yet to be announced.

"The Inhumans" first appeared in Marvel back in the 1960's and were teased a bit this season on "Marvel's Agents of Shield."