'The Walking Dead' recap: 'Say yes'

Gang Grimes' desperate hunt for ammunition.

— -- On Sunday night's "The Walking Dead," Rick and Michonne search for supplies, and as an added bonus, enjoy more than a little alone time as they look over hill and dale for food and guns.

Back at Alexandria, Rosita has no patience for Tara or anybody else who can't see that gathering guns and gunning after Negan is the top priority.

On the hunt for gear, Rick and Michonne come across what was formerly a carnival and apparently a last stand for civilians and soldiers. Soldiers mean guns, which gang Grimes desperately need. "I think this is it!" Rick says hopefully.

Rosita, meanwhile, is on the hunt alone for weapons. She comes across a house -- and dispatches a walker inside it -- all for a glimpse of a pistol. After killing the walker, she realizes the gun she saw was a replica. She throws it in frustration.

At the carnival, Rick and Michonne climb to a roof to plot how best to wrangle the walkers and search the place for guns. Before they can, however, they fall through a roof -- and, with a laugh, not only do they emerge unharmed, they find themselves surrounded by a huge cache of ready-to-eat military meals. Using the candles included in the survival packs, they enjoy a candlelight meal, and plot what should happen if they kill Negan. Michonne insists Rick take over.

At Alexandria, Tara is babysitting Judith, and confides in the baby about the existence of the Oceanside community from last season. She kept her promise to the heavily armed women that she wouldn't tell anybody about their hideout -- but now that the other communities are teaming up against Negan's Saviors, Tara ponders getting the women to join. Of course, Judith is obviously too young to reveal the secret.

Back at the carnival, Rick and Michonne plot to fence in the herd, using a car to block a gap in a fence -- though a walker with a live rifle has them running for their lives when its weapon fires, its trigger stuck on rebar.

They end up hacking and slashing through the herd. Rick splits off, climbing on top of a carny ride to draw a bead on a deer that had eluded them earlier. To her horror, Michonne sees him fall, seemingly into the herd. Shocked, she drops her katana.

However, Rick soon emerges, and together, they finish off the rest of the undead, then gather a huge cache of weapons scattered all over the grounds. Alone again, the pair contemplate a life after Negan. Rick raises the possibility that he might not make it, and if so, Michonne should take the mantle. She's hearing none of it.

At the Scavengers' compound, Rick hands over some of the guns to their leader, Jadis, with whom he arranged a deal to do so in exchange for their fighting Negan. He negotiates keeping some for his crew, to help them acquire more. "More soon," she approves, "we fight."

Back at Alexandria, Rosita swipes one of the newly required rifles and approaches her one-time romantic rival Sasha, who is a better shot, to kill Negan. "This could be a one-way ticket for both of us," Rosita warns, "if it is both of us."

"It is," Sasha agrees.

"The Walking Dead" returns next Sunday, March 12 on AMC.