'Walking Dead' Villain Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reveals Strangest Fan Mail He's Gotten

It involves his "Walking Dead" character Negan and his bat Lucille.

— -- Followers of "The Walking Dead" are some of the most dedicated, beloved fans around. But for Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays villain Negan on the show, fans have taken things to a new level.

"My first [encounter] was after the show had aired [with Negan joining] and I did a 'Walker Stalker' convention in Atlanta," he said today on "ABC's Popcorn with Peter Travers." "It was phenomenal to meet these fans. Norman [Reedus] and I were the first ones there and the last to leave these two nights, because I think we had the craziest fans!"

But he admits fan mail can get "weird" and that there's definitely a fine line between "what is real and not real" in the eyes of fans sometimes. But he, as an actor, appreciates all the love.

"I've gotten some mail with kind of the sexual undertones," he told Travers.

"You've always gotten that," Travers joked.

"Not like this," he responded. "[Things like] Spank me, bring Lucille, it's like, 'Oh.'"

Morgan is happily married to Hilarie Burton and says she doesn't read "those" letters.

But things get even more intense for Morgan's buddy Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon, a fan favorite.

"The fandom is really hanging out with Norman. That guy can't go anywhere. I've never seen anybody that has more patience or love for fans than him," he said.

In fact, Morgan said they often ride motorcycles together. On one trip they stopped by an empty gas station in the middle of Alabama.

"No cars anywhere," he explained. "One person [calls and] says Daryl Dixon's here, and 50 cars converge on the station [in minutes] ... and he will do a pic and sign autographs for everyone."