Walter Jones Says Original 'Power Rangers' Working on New Film

Jones says his '90s castmates are working on a film like "The Expendables."

— -- Walter Jones, one of the original "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" from the mid-1990s told ABC News at New York Comic Con that the original cast should be back soon for a new film.

Jones, 45, said he and his former castmates have their own new film in the works, though it will not be a "Power Rangers" project.

The film is called "The Order" and includes various past Rangers like Jones, Steve Cardenas, David Yost and Austin St. John.

"It's a film kind of like 'The Expendables,' but former 'Power Rangers,'" he said. "We're all [still] action heroes."

The filmmakers are raising funds through an Indiegogo campaign; so far $137,000 has been donated.

Jones was clear to point out that neither he nor the original cast are involved in the 2017 Lionsgate film based off the characters that he helped make famous.

"My opinion is we could have at least been hanging out at the juice bar," he joked. "But I'm excited about the film, I think it's gonna bring 'Power Rangers' to an entirely new generation ... it's going to be very different from the original [but] I met them and they seem to be very excited about what they are doing as well."

He's also hoping that his character involves "hip-hop kido."

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