Watch 'Game of Thrones' Star The Mountain Win Europe's Strongest Man

PHOTO: Hafthor Bjornsson who plays the Mountain in Game of Thrones competes in Europes Strongman Competition. YouTube
Hafthor Bjornsson who plays the Mountain in 'Game of Thrones' competes in Europe's Strongman Competition.

Well, he crushed a man's skull with his bare hands on "Game of Thrones," so when Hafthor Bjornsson, who plays The Mountain on the show, competed to become Europe's Strongest Man, you can guess the outcome.

He won and there's video of Bjornsson competing in the challenge that will blow your mind.

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The man literally leaves the competition in the dust and raises his hands in the air during one challenge, trying to get the crowd to go crazy. It's amazing.

During a stone lifting challenge, The Mountain celebrates his win by ripping his shirt off and screams during an interview, "I am the future of strength!"

You have to watch this! No, really watch it now!