Whoopi Goldberg shares her favorite things to gift in 2020 on her birthday

"The View" co-host makes sure everyone enjoys her birthday as much as she does.

This year has looked different, but one thing that's staying the same is Whoopi Goldberg celebrating her birthday on "The View" by sharing her favorite things for all to enjoy!

Whoopi’s holiday scarves

Normally, Whoopi enjoys the holiday season with festive sweaters, but in true 2020 fashion she made some changes. "We have to do something fabulous, so why not do holiday scarves?" From kissing the year goodbye to spreading holiday cheer, there's a scarf for everyone's style designed by Goldberg herself.
$79 Nordstrom.com

Whoopi’s holiday masks

Just because people can't see your smile this year doesn't mean you can't still make them smile! On theme with Whoopi's scarves, these festive masks are designed by Goldberg so you can stay safe and fresh at the same time.

$17 Nordstrom.com

Mixology adult mask chains

Have you fallen victim to misplacing your mask over the last year? Whoopi understands the struggle. Grab a mask chain to keep your mask close by and add some glam to your 2020 style!

$30 ShopMixology.com

Bee Bee Designs mask straps

There's only one type of person who might lose their masks more than you: kids. With ever-changing trends, there are over 40 designs to chose from so children can keep their mask chains matching every outfit and personality.

Use the code WHOOPI for an 10% off your purchase. Ends midnight on Monday, Nov. 30, 2020.
$6+ BeeBeeDesigns.com

Vintage Vibes flannels

"You've seen me in them. I love these shirts." Flannel might as well be Whoopi's signature look, but these soft flannel shirts are too good for her to keep all to herself!
$25 Etsy.com/Shop/ShopVintageVibes

Ithaca Tie Dyes

With over 100 different dye colors to choose from, Whoopi can't get enough of the unique look from Ithaca Tie Dyes' items. From sweatshirts to aprons to shower curtains, there's no doubt you can find a part of your life that could use a little more color!
$15+ IthacaTieDyes.com

Healthy Haircare Systems

"My hair is my hair," Whoopi said, which is why she takes extra good care of it with products from Healthy Haircare Systems. Whoopi's favorite part about them is that they address hair problems at the scalp by using different nutrient-infused ingredients that improve the look and feel of your hair.
$18+ HealthyHaircareSystems.com

GloSlim SpiceFruit

Whoopi loves new spices, which is why she partnered with GloSlim SpiceFruit. According to their website, SpiceFruit is from Cameroon, West Africa and considered "a powerhouse for a healthy metabolism."
$24.99 SpiceFruit.com

The Mandalorian: The Child Real Moves Plush

Whoopi is a big fan of "Star Wars: The Mandalorian," which is why she couldn't help but pick up and play with The Child Real Moves Plush toy. You can embrace your guardian skills when you assume control of the Child, affectionately known by many as "Baby Yoda." Disney is a parent company of LucasFilm and ABC News.
$69.99 ShopDisney.com

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