Woman Didn't Realize Paparazzi Were Taking Pics of Karlie Kloss, Not Her

The results are hilarious - check it out!

— -- You know when you think someone is waving to you and you wave back, only to find out there was a person behind you and you feel completely embarrassed about it?

Well, a woman in NYC was leaving the gym in Soho and evidently thought the paparazzi were waiting for her so they could take her picture.

So, she did what any sensible girl in her situation would do and started posing and having fun with the situation.

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The only problem was that right behind her was supermodel Karlie Kloss -- yes, the very one and only Victoria's Secret angel.

To the woman's credit, she did look great in jean shorts and a black tank, while Kloss, 21, looked like a supermodel in a grey t-shirt and black pants.