Your Three Words: Sons of Summer

PHOTO: Sons of SummerPlayDonnie Hedden
WATCH Your 3 Words: 'The One I Love the Most'

This week's "Your Three Words" is set to music by a relatively new group, "Sons of Summer." The trio featuring Clint Crighton, Luke Dolahenty and Jules Crighton hails from Australia, where summer is winding down.

Their first single from their debut album is called "The One I Love the Most" and combines their love of folk rock, Australian music and Celtic melodies, as well as a sound that the band describes as "a strong sense of longing."

They may be from down under, but "Sons of Summer" formed down under New York City's Mulberry Street, in a basement bar during the winter of 2009. From Little Italy they traveled to Shenzhen, China, where they performed six nights a week, wrote new songs and honed the sound that would become their signature.

Their year long adventure led them to Nashville, where a performance in the living room of music producer Rob Feaster led to a studio recording in the former Tennessee hideout of Al Capone, now Castle Studios.

"Sons of Summer" are accompanied on their album and in live performances by drummer Matt Sherrod of Beck and Crowded House, and David Labruyere, a bassist in John Mayer's band. "The One I Love the Most" is available as a free download at