Wreckers star Michelle Branch is back with new music after making a 'change in my life'

"I was the boy who cried wolf for so long," she says.

— -- Michelle Branch is back. The Grammy-winning singer hasn't released a solo album since 2003 but her new project, "Hopeless Romantic," finally arrives next month.

Branch admits it has been so long since she released any new material that her fans almost stopped believing that she ever would.

"Everyone was holding their breath because I was the boy who cried wolf for so long," she told ABC News. "I kept saying there was going to be new music out. And everyone was like, 'OK, we're excited.' And then two albums got shelved, and I kept trying to get music out. So I think people were just not sure whether to believe me or not."

When she finally released the title track last month, she says, her fans "couldn't believe it.”

But it's not like Branch, 33, has been doing nothing all these years. After her second album, "Hotel Paper (2003)," she got married, had a baby and started The Wreckers, a successful country duo. The seeds for "Hopeless Romantic" were planted around 2012 to 2013, when she decided to end her 11-year marriage. During that time, she wrote a song called "The City," which she describes as her "a-ha" moment.

"[It was] like, 'Oh, gosh, I have to make a change in my life,'" she said of writing that song. "So it, really, in a way, was the first song written for this album."

In the next two years, she got divorced and left her long-term record label.

"I suddenly was given this clean slate and so I just started writing,” said Branch, who shared a 2003 Grammy with Santana for best pop collaboration with vocals for “The Game of Love.”

At a 2015 Grammy party, she met Patrick Carney, drummer for The Black Keys. He became her producer, main collaborator on the project and, eventually, her boyfriend.

You can hear the results April 7, when "Hopeless Romantic" hit stores.