See a Young Kirsten Dunst on the Cover of a 'Babysitter's Club' Book

The actress's first modeling gig was to appear as a toddler on the cover.

— -- Kirsten Dunst first made headlines as a child star who kissed Brad Pitt in "Interview with a Vampire."

However, her first gig actually came years before that, as a model for a Babysitter's Club book.

"Fun BSC trivia fact: The toddler that Claudia is holding on the book cover is actress Kirsten Dunst in her very first modeling job!" franchise author Ann M. Martin posted to Facebook on Monday.

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It's true: Dunst, now 32, posed for the cover of "Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls" circa 1986.

"My first cover was a book in the Babysitter’s Club series, ‘Claudia Gets a Phantom Phone Call,'" she told Parade in 2008. "I was a child model slash actress and I did it strictly for the money."

Now, it seems priceless.