Bush Talks Oil, Hedges Bet on Clinton Nomination

A rare live interview with the president and first lady on GMA.

ByABC News via logo
May 5, 2008, 7:00 AM

May 5, 2008 — -- President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush talked about rising gas prices, political predictions and their daughter Jenna's wedding in a rare live interview with "Good Morning America" anchor Robin Roberts.

Asked about solutions to help boost the sagging economy, Bush touted the tax rebate many Americans are beginning to receive right now.

"One way to help solve it of course is to send the money back to the people," he said in an interview on the National Mall in Washington.

As gas prices approach and even surpass $4 a gallon in some parts of the country, Bush said the answer to lowering prices is to find new oil sources and build refineries in the United States. The president has been a strong proponent of drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.

"We're too dependent on foreign oil and we need to explore more at home," he told Roberts.

Bush has not said whether or not he supports the proposed gas tax holiday, which would suspend the 18.4-cent per-gallon federal gas tax during the summer months, that Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain and Democratic contender Sen. Hillary Clinton support.

"I told them we'd look at it, but, you know, this is a problem that's been a while in making and it's going to be a while that we solve it," Bush said.

Roberts reminded Bush that several months ago, he predicted that Clinton would be the Democratic nominee.

Asked whether he still believed that, Bush said, "I reminded everyone I picked the Detroit Tigers [to] win the American League pennant last year too, so I'm not a very good political forecaster. We'll let the Democrats decide."

"I predict John McCain is going to be living up there," Bush continued.

The wedding of Bush's 26-year-old daughter Jenna is planned for May 10 at the family's ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Jenna Bush decided she preferred a more low-key affair in Texas to an elaborate White House wedding.

"My one contribution is we made a giant cross made out of Texas limestone that will serve as the altar," Bush said.

Roberts interviewed Bush on the National Mall as part of "Good Morning America's" 7 Wonders of America series, which will run throughout the week.

The Bushes talked about the beauty and importance of the Mall -- home of monuments to some of the country's most historic figures, including Bush's second-favorite president.

"Lincoln is my favorite president, of course, other than my dad," Bush told Roberts. "I think the fantastic statue of Lincoln does him such great justice. He was a majestic man who in the midst of a hard presidency never lost sight of some moral truths, starting with all men are created equal under God."