Experts Choose 7 Wonders of America

Writers, historians, scientists and adventurers picked America's wonders.

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April 22, 2008 — -- A panel of esteemed experts -- travel writers, a historian, an astrophysict and all of them adventurers -- helped "Good Morning America" choose the 7 Wonders of America.

The panelists had to agree on seven locations in the United States that were wondrous and amazing -- scenery where you could take "the picture of a lifetime," landmarks not to be missed, places that take your breath away.

The five panelists got together to discuss the merits of several places, and the debate often got heated. They finally arrived at 7 Wonders, which will be revealed on "GMA" beginning May 5.

Tune in to see if you agree with their choices, and cast your vote for the 8th Wonder of America.

Meet the five panelists below.


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