Parents Claim Their Kids Have Psychic Powers

ByABC News via GMA logo
November 21, 2005, 8:00 AM

Nov. 21, 2005 — -- Tammy and Aaren Glover say their first child, Angelina, was unusually gifted when she was very young. By the time she was 2, she could speak in Spanish and sing in French. As she grew older, they claim she would dream things before they would happen, and had a great sense of empathy.

The Glovers believe Angelina, now 10, and her three younger sibling are among a group of children called Indigo, so named because of the blue aura some say they see surrounding them. Indigo children are described as highly accomplished, deeply spiritual and gifted with psychic abilities. They often talk about speaking with God, angels or people who have died.

"Indigo children have access to human experience at a larger level, at a greater depth than most people do," said Donald Walsch, best-selling author of "Conversations With God."

Some believe that Indigo children were born after the new age Harmonic Convergence event in 1987, while others believe there have always been Indigos. Some claim as many as 90 percent of all children have Indigo traits.

Skeptics, however, believe these children may be autistic, have attention deficit disorder or suffer from some other behavior disorder.

"No rigorous scientific tests have proven the existence of these so called paranormal gifts," said Dr. David Stein, author of "Stop Medicating, Start Parenting."

Indigo children are often rebellious to authority, nonconformist, extremely emotional and sometimes physically sensitive or fragile. The Glovers say when their children are exposed to things they are not used to like sugar and junk food, they will act up, but insist their behavior is due to a gift, not a problem.

"Maybe if our kids were in a different family they would be on medication for ADHD," Aaren Glover said. "We're not trying to convert or convince. We're here to share our story and plant a seed. Don't take our word for it, just look at the conviction with which these children live. There's something different here."

The Glovers said they knew their son, Suriel, 7, was Indigo when Tammy observed him pensively eating an apple. When she asked him when he was thinking of, he replied, "the apple's life," tracing back the steps from apple seed back to apple again, according to his mother. The Glovers said Maielaya, 4, is Tammy's mother reincarnated, which they believe because Maielaya has lucid memories of her grandmother who died before she was born. Baby Orion, 2, is too young to express his Indigo abilities, according to the Glovers, but he likes to call himself "Buddha."

"These experiences are very amazing and we do have them," said Angelina, who says she sees fairies and purportedly knows things before they happen. "More importantly, we have a message and that message is the we are all Indigo. All we have to do is open up and forgive. Then we will be free to really know God."

The parents say their children feel they were born with a sense of purpose.

"This is based in a firm belief in God," Aaren Glover said. "It's not religion, but a universal experience of spirituality and a sense of being infinitely connected to the divine."

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