5 Ways to Look Skinnier Without Surgery

VIDEO: Becky Worley examines fabric technology that makes women look slimmer.ABC News

There are those occasions when you just want to look your skinniest. Somehow, feeling tucked in and bolted down is a form of armor against your approaching 30th reunion or a big meeting. So "Good Morning America" joined with Real Simple magazine and tried out new garments and devices -- rating them on a scale of 1 to 10 -- that promise to suck you in and help you hold it all together.

MMK Brands Thong
Stay Put Factor: 7
Comfort Level: 6
Slim Factor: 6
Review: This pair of underwear has a thong strap and standard front panel, but instead of a string top across the back and tummy, the MMK comes with a 6-inch-high control top.

This product garnered mixed reviews: One person found the thong very comfortable and a good solution to muffin top as it compressed the abdomen area. The other tester liked the smoothing control at the hip but found that the control top rolled down frequently. One complaint was that the garment created a bulge at the waist, basically pushing the muffin top up to the waistline.

MMK also makes a standard nonthong version that gives full coverage to the backside.

Yummie Tummie Tank
Stay Put Factor: 6
Comfort Level: 9
Slim Factor: 7
Review: This may look like a regular cotton tank top but it is actually very fitting in the midsection. It tightens the stomach and smooths the transition from the jeans to the hips. We liked the style because it reflects the trend of letting a camisole peek out from under a shirt with jeans. But the tank did not always stay put and, occasionally, the tight middle panel rode up above the pants' waist line, exacerbating the muffin top. But, overall,we thought it was a stylish, comfortable and slimming solution. Yummie Tummie also makes a T-shirt version for men called RIPT Fusion.

Looking Skinnier Without Surgery

M'Chic Jeans
Stay Put Factor: 7
Comfort Level: 8
Slim Factor: 6
Review: Imagine sewing a control-top tube onto low-cut jeans: That would be the M'Chic jeans. From the hip down, M'Chic jeans are pretty standard flare jeans. But, above the hip, they have a tight tube top that goes up to the ribs and anchors itself with an elastic inch-wide band around the ribcage. They are very similar to today's cool maternity jeans, but they have a stronger elastic tube holding in the tummy.

These jeans have a very smooth transition from jean to hip and do a great job of eliminating the muffin top. Because they just hug the ribs there is a little slipping on the top but, overall, the jeans are pretty comfortable and look great under a sweater.

Tres Sleek Arm Shapewear
Stay Put Factor: 10
Comfort Level: 2
Slim Factor: 8
Review: Michelle Obama has women across the world wishing for toned and thin arms. but in the absence of the first lady's biceps, Tres Sleek is a girdle for your arms.

Basically, it feels like pulling a sausage-casing over your triceps flab. It stays put and slims the arms under tight dresses or sweaters. Tres Sleek slightly impeded movement and our people said they were always aware of the band behind their back that held the two girdle sleeves in place.

"GMA" contacted the CEO of Tres Sleek about the comfort level and this was the response: "Comfort is based on fit and proper size selection. And with us not being there when Becky was trying it on, we can't attest to the validity of her comment on comfort. We only have a 2 percent return rate."

Tres Sleek also makes the Slimosa, a full body suit that is the ultimate in body compression: head to toe for all over control.

Spanx Hide & Sleek Slip
Stay Put Factor: 7
Comfort Level: 7
Slim Factor: 8
Review: The original master of girdles has a new dress-slip that compresses the hips, tummy and buttocks. The new Hide & Sleek slips come in a strapless version that goes up to the rib cage and the full slip that includes an underwire bra and straps (You can take the underwire out if you want to wear your own bra).

It has double layers of compression fabric and it seemed to really pull in. We liked the version with straps because with the strapless version, there was a need to buy a size larger so it didn't roll down. With the full-strap version, you may be able to get a size smaller, more compression and it stayed put.

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