Read Excerpt: 'So Stressed' Stephanie McClellan, Beth Hamilton

How to regain control and reduce stress in your life.

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August 24, 2009, 11:20 AM

Jan. 14, 2010— -- "So Stressed," by Stephanie McClellan and Beth Hamilton, examines the consequences of stress on women.

The authors, both doctors, chronicle the symptoms, from hair loss to dull skin to looking older than you are, and identify ways to help you regain control and reduce stress.

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Sally, a twenty-five-year-old mother of a young son, sat rigidly on the examining table, looking thin and frail. Her eyes were puffy,her skin dull. She had made an appointment to see Stephanie again because her vaginal pain and discharge, which had been occurring for several months, had not responded to various treatments. Shewas terrified, convinced that she had terminal cancer.

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