Savings Mom: How to Save Money on Clothes

ByABC News via logo
April 10, 2005, 1:43 PM

April 11, 2005 — -- It is easy to save money on clothes at end-of-season sales. But how do you save money on clothes at the beginning of the season when they have the colors you like and the sizes that you need?

With coupons, of course!

There are many good clothing coupons available if you know where to look. Coupons are available for stores in all price ranges. More expensive stores are just as likely to have coupons as discount stores.

You can find coupons for clothes in the newspaper, particularly for department stores. You also can find coupons in direct mail pieces, in some fashion magazines and even in-store catalogs.

The Entertainment book has several coupons for national and regional clothes stores. At this time of year, their books sell for half price at You can preview coupons before you buy a book.

There are now Web sites that allow you to print free coupons for traditional stores. These are easy to use because you just print them when you need them. Find printable clothes coupons at and

If you like to shop at outlet malls, you can find many good coupons for dozens of outlet stores in two ways:

1. Selected outlet malls have coupon books available for about $5 at the mall's management office. However, if you visit, you can print a voucher that entitles you to a free coupon booklet at the management office. As an example, one outlet mall has 140 stores and their coupon booklet had coupons for 90 of the stores.

2. You can also print coupons for selected outlet stores at their Web site.

You will find the most clothing coupon offers at coupon code sites for online shopping. Check free shipping offers to save on clothes when ordering online. Be sure to enter the coupon code in the box on the checkout page when you shop online.