Dental Work Made in China Might Contain Lead

Crowns and bridges from China may be cheaper, but at what cost?

ByRoberta Baskin and Sandy Bergo via via logo

May 8, 2008 — -- When Faye Lewis became concerned about her painful new bridgework, she had it checked out and received some disturbing news: Her bridge was manufactured in China and tainted with lead.

More dentists are using crowns and bridges made in China. According to the United State Customs Office, the number of dental products coming into the United States from China has doubled in the last year.

An investigation by ABC News affiliate WJLA-TV found that at least some of those dental products contain lead.

Lewis initially went to have a chipped tooth fixed, but her resulting bridgework fit so poorly and painfully, she couldn't chew her food. The 73-year-old told her dentist what she wanted to do was chew out whoever built her bridge.

According to Lewis, her dentist replied, "That will be a little hard to do because they're in China."

As a grandmother, Lewis was aware of news reports about the recall of lead-tainted toys from China. Lead accumulates in the body and can affect kidneys, eyes, heart, the immune system and cognitive function.

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