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March 01, 2010, 7:47 PM

March 3, 2010 — -- Eight major fish oil-supplement producers are putting their customers at risk by selling them products that tests show contained carcinogenic chemicals, according to a new lawsuit.

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Seven of the eight companies provided statements on the lawsuit. Below is the full text of the statements. One of the companies, Solgar, did not respond for comment.

As a matter of practice, we do not comment on pending litigation. Inquiries regarding this matter should be directed to the product manufacturers.

While we have not had an opportunity to review the filing, GNC is confident that its cod liver oil product, as well as all other GNC fish oil products, are safe and appropriate for use by all consumers.

GNC's cod liver oil product meets all relevant regulatory standards for ingredient safety, including California's Proposition 65.

It's also worth noting that the only GNC product cited in this litigation, GNC Liquid Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, scored among the lowest of the 10 products tested.

GNC only sources its cod liver oil from reputable suppliers. We require our suppliers to provide certificates of analysis stating specifically that their shipments meet all applicable regulatory standards.

GNC also follows regulatory and industry standards for appropriate labeling of all of its products and will continue to do so.

We can't comment because we haven't seen the lawsuit yet.

Click here to see a PDF of the statement from Twinlab.

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