On NuVal: Statements From General Mills, Ocean Spray and Sara Lee

Statement from Ocean Spray

NuVal, while valuable in certain circumstances, does not take into account product qualities beyond those listed on the nutrition fact panel.

For example, Ocean Spray Light Cranberry Juice Cocktail, in study after study, has been shown to help maintain urinary tract health and reduce the risk of recurrent urinary tract infections. Rating systems such as these take into account only the "traditionally recognized" nutrients found on the Nutrition Facts Panel.

However, the beneficial components such as polyphenols found in cranberry that are responsible for its urinary tract health benefits are not factored into the nutritional profile.

Statement from Sara Lee

As discussed, we have a diverse consumer base and strive to provide our loyal consumers with multiple product options under our famous Ball Park brand.

Statement from General Mills

NuVal is a for-profit rating system marketed by its creators. Unfortunately, criteria for NuVal are not available to the public, making any actual comparisons impossible.