Pharmacy Showdown: Where Are the Deals?

So you're congested. Or you have a headache, or heartburn. You head to the nearest pharmacy to pick up some over-the-counter medications, but do you ever stop to think, "Am I getting the best deal here?"

Luckily, ShopSmart magazine did and sent secret shoppers into some of the country's biggest pharmacies to compare prices.

What they found could save you big. That's nothing to sneeze at.

ShopSmart: Save at Target and Walmart, Store Brands Cheaper

On average, brand-name drugs were 20 percent cheaper at Walmart or Target compared to neighborhood drugstores like Walgreens, according to the ShopSmart report.

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Pharmacy Showdown: Get the Best Deals

"The savings can really add up if you use a lot of brand-name drugs," the report said.

The Food and Drug Administration regulates store-brand over the counter drugs the same way as brand-name drugs, and the active ingredients are the exact same.

"We found that buying store brands can save you 13 to 70 percent," the report said.

Some Report Comparisons:

Tylenol Extra Strength, 100 Caplets

Walgreens: $8.85
Walmart: $8.01

Advil PM, 80 Caplets

CVS: $11.44
Target: $10.58

Claritin, 30 Reditabs

Rite Aid: $24.05
Walmart: $19.41

More Pharmacy Drug Comparisons

Zyrtec, 30 Tablets

Walgreens: $22.39
Target: $18.65

Vicks Nyquil Cold & Flu, 10 Oz.

CVS: $6.62
Walmart: $5.03

Prilosec, 28 Count

CVS: $21.45
Walmart: $18.86

Web Extras

Prevacid 24 HR, 28 Count

CVS: $22.53
Target: $19.45

Motrin IB, 100 Count

Walgreens: $9.66
Walmart: $7.98

Afrin Nasal Spray, 1 oz. bottle

CVS: $9.14
Walmart: $7.42